Quote that best describes my fitness philosophy

Train like you fight, fight like you train.

My Qualifications

Combat Sports Authority Trainer/Second license
Punchfit Course
First aid & CPR
BA DipEd

My Main Skills

Coming from a teaching background I understand the importance of being patient and kind whilst having a laugh along the way.

Having completed the Corporate Fighter Program myself I understand what it takes to dedicate yourself to a 12-week fight camp. My most recent fight camp went for 11months with lots of obstacles along the way. Having a clear goal, helped me to build a strong mindset and imagine myself with a win at the end. Along with the hard work and dedication, I pulled it off. I have an insight into the ups and downs people may experience whilst on their journey and I will be there to support all fighters both in and out of the gym.

More about me

I am a primary school teacher who is passionate about making a difference in our youth. I work with children from kindergarten to year 6. I have experience teaching a diverse group of people including – students with English as their second language, intellectual and physical disabilities, mental health struggles, and refugees.

My family and friends are my worlds. On the weekend you might find me on an outdoor adventure, finishing up with a few wines and laughs with friends.

My Experience

I have always been passionate about sports and competition. Growing up I played a number of sports including basketball, netball, softball, water polo, soccer, and many forms of dance including ballet and pole dancing. I grew up in a Karate family. My dad used to compete for Australia in Kyokushin Karate and he had multiple karate schools around Sydney. Needless to say, I spent many years in the dojo and competing in tournaments. My skills from karate and martial arts have given me a thorough understanding of what it takes to be a boxer. I have trained in many gyms across Sydney with multiple trainers including professional boxers & professional MMA fighters as well as Olympians. I am a stickler for technique but also love to play around with flows.


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